iPuzzle Project

The iPuzzle project is developing apps for mobile devices for students and other puzzle-players to explore, in an interactive format, the logic-building, mathematical puzzles of the Transition to Algebra curriculum. View our Puzzles page on this website or printable Sample Puzzles PDF for more information about the puzzles.

Visit solveme.edc.org to play SolveMe Mobiles. SolveMe MysteryGrid and SolveMe Who Am I? will be available soon. SolveMe Mobiles is also available for the iPad.

SolveMe MobilesSolveMe MysteryGridSolveMe Who Am I?

Below are two versions of a Collaborative SolveMe Mobiles paper-based game. Instructions: print one copy of the PDF for each group of players; cut apart the game boards and pass them out to each person on a team; players determine what they can from their board and share their findings with their team to solve for the single, shared set of shape values together. (Note: additional games can be created in the app by creating a single puzzle with multiple mobiles and using screenshots to place the puzzle pieces into a file for printing.)

Check out our video for the NSF 2015 Teaching and Learning Showcase:

 Using SolveMe Mobiles to Learn the Logic of Solving Systems of Equations

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