2018-2019 Research Opportunity

Our research team at Education Development Center and Boston College is leading a four-year study investigating the impact of algebra support models and curriculum resources on student achievement and opinions about mathematics. The study addresses the urgent and persistent need for effective, evidence-based approaches to prepare all students for success in algebra.

Currently, we are looking for interested high schools that currently offer full-year algebra support courses that are taken concurrently with Algebra 1. High schools that participate in the study will receive:

  • A free professional development workshop focused on developing students’ algebraic habits of mind, facilitated by the authors of Making Sense of Algebra and the Transition to Algebra program at EDC;
  • $300 stipends for participating teachers; and
  • Making Sense of Algebra teacher resource books.

View our Study Overview flyer for more information.

To learn more and consider participating, contact Deborah Spencer, Principal Investigator, at 617-618-2558 or dspencer@edc.org.

Research Participants Implementing Transition to Algebra