Professional Development and Related Resources

Downloadable Information about TTA

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Custom Professional Development

Through Heinemann, TTA authors offer districts custom professional development for teachers in grades 6-10 who want to:

  • better support their students’ learning of algebra, particularly students who may be struggling in mathematics,
  • learn more about the Common Core State Standards for mathematical practice in the context of building early ideas in algebra, and
  • engage with materials designed to foster algebraic habits of mind.

Professional development supports the use of Transition to Algebra. Teachers will learn about the TTA habits of mind approach and the mathematical storyline of the curriculum. Teachers will engage with mathematical activities from the units and discuss student difficulties and share instructional strategies. For more information, please contact us.

Related Projects and Resources

  • To learn more about EDC's Mathematical Practices Institute committed to make rigorous mathematics available and interesting to all students while emphasizing the development of serious content knowledge and genuine mathematical habits of mind, please visit
  • To learn more about EDC's teacher resources and professional development curriculum focused on Implementing the Mathematical Practice Standards, please visit
  • To learn more about EDC's elementary school K-5 curriculum Think Math!, please visit
  • To learn more about EDC's 4-year high school curriculum, CME Project, please visit
  • To view images of EDC's iPuzzle app development project, please visit the iPuzzle page.

Presentation Handouts and Slides

  • ATMNE 2015 Portland, Session 20: Using Mathematical Puzzles to Build Algebraic Habits of Mind (Slides and Handout)
  • MassMATE 2015 Bridgewater, MA, Promoting Independent Learners and Creative Collaboration through Mathematical Puzzles (Slides and Handout)
  • NCTM 2015 Boston, Session 123: Problems Worth Puzzling Through: High Engagement, Content, and Mathematical Practices (Slides and Notes)
  • NCTM 2015 Boston, Session 223: Problem Posing: Asking “What-If-Not?” with Patterns, Functions, and Geometry (Handout)
  • NCTM 2015 Boston, Session 509: Creating and Sharing Mathematics through Puzzle Apps: In School and Out (Slides)
  • North Carolina NCCTM 2014 Greensboro, NC, Success in Algebra: Puzzle It Out (Slides and Handout)
  • MassMATE 2014 Bridgewater, MA, Transition to Algebra Dialogues: Research-Based Strategies for Strengthening Written and Verbal Communication in Mathematics (Slides and Handout)
  • NCTM 2014 New Orleans, Session 198: Building Puzzles: Promoting Engagement, Logical Reasoning, and Mathematical Communication (Slides and Handout)
  • NCTM 2014 New Orleans, Session 274: Problem Posing: Bringing Logic to Problem-Solving for At-risk Algebra Students (Slides and Handout
  • AEA 2013 Washington, D.C., Session 584: Measuring Teachers' Fidelity of Implementation to Algebra Curricula that Emphasize Mathematical Practices (Presentation and Handout)
  • NCTM Research Presession 2013 Denver, Session 80: Perspectives and Strategies to Support Algebra Success for All Students (Slides)
  • NCSM 2013 Denver, Session 103: Using Mathematical Puzzles and Dialogues to Build a Collaborative Community and Support At-Risk Algebra Students (Presentation and Handout)
  • NCTM 2013 Denver, Session 105: Strategies for Engaging Algebra Learners: Puzzles that Promote Mathematical Reasoning (Presentation and Handout)
  • STEM Smart 2013 Baltimore: Cultivating Mathematical Habits of Mind in All Students (Slides)
  • NCSM 2012 Philadelphia, Session 336: Supporting Students to Succeed in Algebra: Strategies and Resources (Slides) - Results of the Districts Algebra Support Study
  • NCSM 2012 Philadelphia, Session 349: Teaching At-Risk Algebra Students to Be, Once Again, as Smart and Intrepid as They Were When They Were Six (Slides)
  • NCTM 2011 Indianapolis: Algebra K-12: a perspective from three programs
  • PME 34 2010 Belo Horizonte, Brazil: Healing Mathematics Trauma: Transition to Algebra Project